Moving to the Country: Agriculture Blogs for New Farmers

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Moving to the Country: Agriculture Blogs for New Farmers

Welcome! My name is Sarah, and I am a farmer. Ten years ago, I couldn't have imagined making that statement, but, wow, things changed quickly. I met my husband five years ago. We fell in love at first sight, and right away, we started talking about moving to the country. He was a graphic designer, and I worked as a writer, so as long as we had internet connection, we could keep our day jobs and also start a farm. Within two years, he was able to quit his job and focus exclusively on on the farm, and I pulled back from writing as well. The experience has been amazing. I decided to start a blog for others who are thinking about diving into the world of farming, and I hope you like it. Cheers! Sarah.

How to Feed Calcium Shell Grit to Your Chickens

Shell grit gives chickens a natural source of calcium. This helps them lay higher-quality eggs more easily; they also get a useful top-up of calcium to keep them healthy. If you've never given your flock this kind of supplement before, then you might not be sure how to do it. The following tips will help you get started. Let Your Chickens Dose Themselves Some chickens need a calcium supplement; others don't. Read More 

2 mistakes that could lead to your farm equipment making your livestock sick

There are some mistakes that could potentially result in your farm equipment making your livestock sick. Here are a couple of examples of these mistakes.  1. Putting your molasses tanks in or near the fields where your animals graze It makes sense to put the molasses tanks in which you store the molasses that your livestock eats in a place which is not too far away from where these animals spend most of their time. Read More 

When Are Government Approvals Required For The Development Of Agricultural Land?

Commercial agriculture is among the most rewarding economic activities that one can engage in. There is an ever-increasing demand for agricultural food items occasioned by an ever-increasing population. Developing land for agricultural use requires a prospective farmer to get a number of government approvals before he or she can undertake certain development-related activities on a piece of land. This article discusses two activities for which government approval is necessary when developing land for agricultural use. Read More 

Pay Attention to These 4 Things When Choosing a Submersible Pump for Your Borewell

Water supply in your home is paramount. Having enough water supply in your home depends on a wide range of things, such as the drilling methods you choose and the types of pumps you buy. In order to ensure that your borewell is a success in terms of supply of water in your home, you need to be very careful when choosing your submersible pumps. These pumps are responsible for pumping water out of your borewell and into your plumbing system. Read More 

Why Have Your Home’s Well Water Tested Regularly?

If you've recently installed a new well or have a very strong filtration system for your home's well, you may not think you need to have the water tested regularly. A new well is not likely to fail and allow contaminants to seep in through a broken cap or pump as much as an older well, and a strong filter can clean out many contaminants from your water. However, even with a newer well and no matter the type of filtration system you choose, it's still good to have the well water tested on a regular basis. Read More