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Moving to the Country: Agriculture Blogs for New Farmers

Welcome! My name is Sarah, and I am a farmer. Ten years ago, I couldn't have imagined making that statement, but, wow, things changed quickly. I met my husband five years ago. We fell in love at first sight, and right away, we started talking about moving to the country. He was a graphic designer, and I worked as a writer, so as long as we had internet connection, we could keep our day jobs and also start a farm. Within two years, he was able to quit his job and focus exclusively on on the farm, and I pulled back from writing as well. The experience has been amazing. I decided to start a blog for others who are thinking about diving into the world of farming, and I hope you like it. Cheers! Sarah.

When Are Government Approvals Required For The Development Of Agricultural Land?

Commercial agriculture is among the most rewarding economic activities that one can engage in. There is an ever-increasing demand for agricultural food items occasioned by an ever-increasing population.

Developing land for agricultural use requires a prospective farmer to get a number of government approvals before he or she can undertake certain development-related activities on a piece of land. This article discusses two activities for which government approval is necessary when developing land for agricultural use. Information herein would be most beneficial to Western Australians looking to develop their first piece of agricultural land.

Land Clearance

Western Australians are required to seek government approval for activities related to land clearance in the event that such activities will involve the clearance of the existing native vegetation within the piece of land.

In order to proceed with such an intended clearance activity, a prospective farmer is required to get government approval in the form of an area permit or in the form of a purpose permit.

Area permits are granted to land owners who make an application for the same in their individual capacity. Such a permit can also be granted to a third party who makes an application on behalf of the land owner. However, the third party must have written authority (from the land owner) to make the application.

Purpose permits are meant for prospective farmers who have been granted access to the land in question (for clearance purposes) despite not being owners of such land.

The discussed permits are issued by the Department of Environmental Regulation.

Looking For Water

The importance of a steady source of water for agricultural use cannot be emphasized enough. Government approval is required before prospective farmers can undertake certain activities in their search for water for agricultural use. These activities include the sinking/construction of wells within a piece of land, making alterations to an already existing well and any activity that causes interference with water beds and water banks. Government approval is also needed before one can take water from one among the several ground and surface water management areas spread across Western Australia.

The Department of Water is responsible for the issuance of licenses required by prospective farmers in search of a water source meant for agricultural use.

For an exhaustive list of land development activities for which prospective farmers are required to seek government approval, get in touch with the nearest agricultural development planning service provider.